wilps geel history

Hereditary Chief Geel comes from the village of Anspayaxw (Kispiox) of the Gitxsan Nation ( Geel is the Head Chief of Ansapyaxw.  Wilps Geel are Gisgaast (Fireweed Clan) and of the Killer Whale crest.  Their traditional territories are Lax Di Dax and Luu Andilgan which are located in the Kispiox Watershed, and Xsi Miin Anhl Gii located in the Upper Skeena Watershed. 

The Gitxsan are a matrilineal society meaning that their lineage and inheritance is passed on through the mother. Catherine Blackstock received the hereditary chieftainship “Geel” in January 2009 when it was passed on by her late uncle, Walter Harris.  Walter had held the name for 52 years.  Prior to Walter holding the name it was held by Silas Johnson, Walter's Uncle and Simon Gunanoot.  Names are passed down for generations to take responsibility for the territory and ensure it is sustainable for future generations.

The house has an estimated 300 members and includes the following chiefs and matriarchs in the Wilp: Geel - Catherine Blackstock; Gamanoot - Lonnie Hindle; Nii Yee Staxhuk - John Heit; Axgagoodit - Wendy Blackstock; Aluuxw - Robert P Blackstock; Xgadit - Charles Heit; Luulak - Thelma Blackstock; Ganuu’m Si’hlxw - Rick Jensen; Lax Lo'op - Cindy Jensen-Fisk; Hahl Yee - Ashlynn Jensen-Fisk.